You only need to pay your licence fee if you watch or record any ‘LIVE TV’ that you can get with an ariel plugged in.

If you can watch or record any ‘LIVE TV’ via a box of some sort or if you use BBC iPlayer on any device within your home.

First an example and then we will explain what ‘LIVE TV’ means.

Watching ‘LIVE TV’ using an ariel plugged in to your TV.
Watching ‘LIVE TV’ using a Sky dish or Virgin Media box.
Watching IPLAYER on any device i.e. xBox/PS4, Mobile, Tablet, Latop, iPad.
Recording ‘LIVE TV’

What is ‘LIVE TV’ ?
Live TV means any programme(s) you watch or record on any channel as it’s being shown on TV or an online service like iPlayer. It’s not just life events like sporting events, news or music awards.

This ‘LIVE TV’ also covers any live TV shows being broadcasted from outside of the UK.

You managed to pick up a signal from France and are watching French news as it happens ? you’ll need a licence.
Using a satelite to pick up day time tv shows from China ? you’ll need a licence.

So in a nutshell, you can not watch or record anything as it is being ‘broadcasted’ by a company.

We are about to cancel/stop your licence now but before we do, remember:

you do NOT need to inform TV Licencing of your cancellation.

You don’t have to tell them anything, just stop/cancel your payment and ignore their letters however, it’s quick, easy and painless just to fill in a form (online) and inform them. It stops you from getting letters sent to you and they shouldn’t contact you again until 2 years after your cancellation.

Here’s what to do 🙂

Cancel any services you have (if not in contract) from Sky / Virgin as these provide ‘LIVE TV’
Unplug ariel from TV, if you have one plugged in. optional but why have an ariel if you are not going to
watch any ‘LIVE TV’

But I like watching Sky TV 🙁

Ok, still cancel your TV Licence Sky service and purchase a cheap NowTV ‘pass’ (month subscription)
Look on places like eBay, real cheap and you can get Sports, Kids and Movie passes etc

Now lets kill that TV-tax fee!

Go to:

Click “Tell us you don’t need a licence” box.
Click Home address.
Fill in name/address/email.
click Next.

On Step 3. Your Declaration.

Click all 3 boxes at the top, click “I have no plans to do this” on the
‘when do you expect to watch tv again’ question.

Click the 2nd option below.
“Only watch on demand/catch up TV (excluding BBC iPlayer) on any device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, phone etc”

Click next.. they’ll leave you alone for 2 years 🙂

You get a no-licence declaration certificate. print it out and keep a copy safe.
If they ever knock, (they shouldn’t) open the door, say “no thank you” be polite, never let them in, they have no right to access with your permission and close the door.

OK, I have NO ariel/Sky/Virgin, now how do I watch TV ?

There are so many options, it would take another page or two for us to explain it all however, a quick and simple solution would be to purchase yourself an amazon 4k Firestick (no 4K TV needed) and put Netflix, Prime, Disney+ (whatever you need) on to the stick.

Some good options are Peacock TV and Pluto TV. these are free and contain so much, you’ll never watch it all.

We will create an entire page full of apps to install on to any android base product, mobile, tablet, tv boxes etc real soon.

If you need to watch any ITV or BBC programs, Coronation Street, EastEnders etc, you can always purchase a BritBox account for £5 per month (no contract) This gives you catch-up shows for all your favourite BBC/ITV programs and is perfectly legal to watch without a licence, just means you’ll be a day behind on stuff but you will also have an amazing back-catalogue to all the shows they’ve ever shown. (once they are all added)

We have no just saved you over £157 per year 🙂

If you’re happy with the BBC services and want to support them running shows like EastEnders and hiring people like Jimmy, go ahead, be my guest.

If you are happy with your over-priced Sky/Virgin servie then by all means, please keep paying them.

And also remember, if you are not a Pilot, you do not need an Aviation Licence 😉