• The Suicide Notes

    UK Gutter-trash rock n’ roll. Buzzsaw guitars and raw nicotine-soaked vocals, rock ‘n’ roll swagger, and whiskey on the rocks. The illegitimate sons of punk and sleaze, conceived on a bed of red wine, cigarettes, and back alley attitude. Band Members Billy T: Rusty tacks and moonshine lead vox & harp Alex Holmes: Vintage overdrive, […]

  • Kid Lab Rat

    KID LAB RAT is Dylan James, an alternative artist from Melbourne, Australia who cut his teeth writing and performing alt-rock over in Manchester, England before moving back home to Australia in 2014 and started releasing Hiphop music. His style is an eclectic mix of traditional hip hop & Alternative Rock which lays a foundation for […]

  • Arcade Fortress

    We’d like to play a show on the international space station. Or Mars. Nothing too fancy. Wouldn’t be much of a crowd though. Or would there? In the mean time, we’ll content ourselves with playing to 8 customers, 7 other band members and their cello case, 2 bar staff, 1 scabby dog,  a sound guy, […]

  • Mitchell Kersley

    Mitchell Kersley is an Alt-Country artist from the UK, who through his music, provides a modern take on traditional storytelling. He was born and raised in the British countryside and was exposed to variety of genres of music. However, as he got older, his musical taste began to gravitate predominantly to one genre in particular: […]

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