• Chris Ray King

    Chris is a singer / songwriter and guitarist from Scotland. His songs have a folk-rock, storytelling vibe and his thoughtful lyrics deal with themes of love, loss, regret and growing older. He started playing guitar at the age of 15 when his Mum accidentally came across a guitar teacher in the classifieds while she was […]

  • Nick Byrne

    Nick Byrne has a developed a habit of writing melancholy indie-folk songs, often packed with key visual motifs. Based in leafy Buckinghamshire, the natural world has been a strong influence on him, such as in 2017’s single Birch Tree which garnered praise from BBC Wales and BBC Ulster, helping him secure a notable slot supporting  […]

  • The Banshees

    The Banshees formed in the Autumn of 2018 in Liverpool, England. Formed by Singer/Songwriter Vinny Pereira and Session Guitarist Paul Anthony Holligan. They met at a party in Liverpool through a mutual friend who had been trying for some time to get the pair of musicians to finally meet. After spending all of the evening […]

  • Harness Flux

    Harness Flux is John Masters, who was born of the DC indie pop/rock scene in the 90’s when labels like Teenbeat and Simple Machines put to wax some of the town’s finest groups. From those influences John formerly fronted the band Metropolitan, who dabbled with the 00’s garage rock boom with Pavement tendencies and Sonic […]

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