Nancy  Wenstrom Vocalist, guitarist, songwriter … was born in Houston Texas, and grew up as an “Air Force brat” living in the Azores, Nebraska, California, Washington D.C. and Alabama before moving to the Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley. She started studying the piano at age 8 and the guitar at 12.  Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, […]

  • Finding Aurora

    Finding Aurora are a 4 piece garage rock band from Newport, South Wales. Starting as bedroom project in late 2017. Finding Aurora took to the stage in 2018 and since then have sold out headline shows in Cardiff and Newport to crowds of 100+. They have an enthralling live show which must be seen and […]

  • Bowser

    If you like your music loud, dynamic and inventive then the meaty tones of boWsER will scratch your itchy soul. A tight, prolific unit — their crunchy, volcanic, riff-driven rock has been continually evolving since their inception. boWsER churn out rock music the way it’s meant to be. It has an apocalyptic intelligence, hitting as […]

  • 10 Gauge

    Musically and sonically, 10 GAUGE return to the rhetoric and style of the late 1980’s & early 1990’s to play their exciting brand of rock with the same dedication and inner strength as bands like Metallica, Megadeth and, of course, Iron Maiden. But the 10 GAUGE musicians were raised on a diet of alt-rock, so […]

  • Reluctant Zero

    Reluctant Zero is a dynamic 4-piece rock band based out of Northern Virginia. Reluctant Zero was formed in September 2018 by singer and rhythm guitar player Matthew Rector, and drummer Christopher Scott. Joined by bass player Dave Jones, the band powered on as a 3-piece releasing two EPs in 2018. In November of 2019 Reluctant […]