• Alf Hale

    After a long break from touring the world in various bands, Alf restarted his musical journey in April 2017 with debut solo EP ‘Misanthrope’. After two subsequent albums, ‘Seven’, recorded at Stage 2 Studios in Bath with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw), is the first album that has seen Alf focus solely on how his faith has […]

  • Mill’s End

    How does a band survive and thrive for over ten years? The guys in Mill’s End may not give you a set formula but they do know a big part of it is by creating the type of music you are passionate about no matter what the current trend is. Mill’s End is a “Rock […]

  • Autumn Academy

    Autumn Academy is a rock band from SW Michigan. Brandon Garrett (vocals/guitar), Brandon Cromer (bass), and Andrew Nolte (drums) formed the group after hitting the reset button on their previous outfit, 45 To Argos. This three-piece made their presence known in early 2019 with their debut single, “Beneath”. Their sound is a blend oh heavy […]

  • Morningside Lane

    Morningside Lane Established in Fort Lee, New Jersey in 2009 by Marc Del Giudice, Morningside Lane has enjoyed domestic and international recognition with their take on the energetic “Jersey sound”, pioneered by Bruce Springsteen and channelled in bands like The Gaslight Anthem. After self-releasing 4 EPs, Morningside Lane partnered with Super Sick Records for the […]

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