Lil Tay Makes a Comeback with a New Music Video

Lil Tay Sucker 4 Green Music VideoImage Source: Pexels

Lil Tay, the 14-year-old influencer who recently made headlines with her alleged death announcement, has made a surprising return to the entertainment scene. After a two-month hiatus, she released a new music video for her song “Sucker 4 Green.” This pop-infused track marks a departure from her previous rap persona, showcasing a different side of the young star.

The Return of Lil Tay

Lil Tay’s comeback comes after a series of events that left her fans puzzled. On August 9th, a post on her Instagram page announced her untimely demise, causing a wave of shock and grief among her followers. However, it was later revealed that her Instagram account had been compromised and the announcement was a hoax.

The Canadian influencer’s return was met with excitement and curiosity. The music video for “Sucker 4 Green” showcases Lil Tay’s love for money, as she sings, “Money, money, money / Money, money, money / I just can’t look away from it, I want it, want it, want it.” This catchy chorus, combined with her vibrant visuals, presents a new chapter in her career.

A Shift in Style

In the music video, Lil Tay deviates from her previous rap style and embraces a more pop-oriented sound. This change in musical direction highlights her versatility as an artist and allows her to connect with a wider audience. By exploring different genres, she can further establish her presence in the music industry.

Lil Tay’s lyrics in “Sucker 4 Green” reflect her fascination with wealth and material possessions. Throughout the video, she showcases her opulence by flaunting luxury cars in a garage and filming inside a lavish mansion. The video concludes with a symbolic gesture as Lil Tay, her mother Angela Tian, and her brother Jason Tian shower money off a balcony, emphasizing her affinity for a lavish lifestyle.

The Biggest Comeback of the Century

In a pinned comment on her YouTube video, Lil Tay boldly declares, “THE BIGGEST COMEBACK OF THE CENTURY.” This statement reflects her confidence and determination to reclaim her position in the entertainment industry. Despite the challenges she has faced, Lil Tay remains resilient and ready to make her mark once again.

The Controversy Surrounding Lil Tay’s Death Announcement

The announcement of Lil Tay’s death on her Instagram page shocked her fans and garnered media attention. However, it was later revealed that her account had been hacked, leading to the false announcement. This incident sparked controversy and raised questions about the security of social media accounts.

Lil Tay’s family, including her mother Angela Tian, confirmed that the young influencer is alive and well. The family’s lawyers addressed the situation, stating that Lil Tay’s mother had obtained retroactive and ongoing child support for her daughter. Furthermore, Angela Tian was granted decision-making powers and responsibilities in the best interests of Lil Tay.

Moving Forward

Following the conclusion of her parents’ child support battle, Lil Tay’s management announced that she has moved out of Canada and returned to Los Angeles. This move signifies a fresh start for the young star, allowing her to pursue her career on her own terms and establish a new life for herself.

With full control over her social media accounts, Lil Tay is excited to share her authentic self with her fans. The transition to Los Angeles offers her new opportunities and a chance to explore her artistic potential without any hindrances.

Allegations Against Lil Tay’s Father

Amidst the controversies surrounding Lil Tay’s comeback, allegations against her father, Christopher Hope, emerged. Lil Tay claimed on her Instagram Story that her father was “abusive” and had “faked” her death. These accusations sparked a response from Hope, who denied all claims, labeling them as false and absurd.

The situation between Lil Tay and her father remains unresolved, and representatives for both parties have yet to provide further statements. It is unclear how this ongoing dispute will impact Lil Tay’s career and personal life moving forward.


Lil Tay’s return to the entertainment scene with her new music video has captivated her fans and attracted widespread attention. Despite the controversy surrounding her death announcement, she has managed to overcome obstacles and make a comeback that has been hailed as “the biggest of the century.” With a shift in musical style and a renewed focus on her artistic journey, Lil Tay is determined to leave a lasting impact in the industry. As she continues to navigate her career and personal life, her fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this young influencer.