Inwater is the ultimate shapeless and transparent landscape to the daydreams awareness of Miguel Moreira, lead guitar,backing vocals, Rui Duarte, Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, André Pires, bass guitar, backing vocals, and João Barbosa, drums. It provides them the perfect sonic transmission to wander and ride mysteries that embodies life’s perspective. The band left the dock in 2014 and one year later they
immersed deep inside the whale studios. This hidden place in the Lisbon depths, Portugal, is the band´sheadquarter, where they spent the last two years recording, editing and producing the debut album. Inwater lives between worlds and the oxygen this band needs cannot be found at the surface.

They are fueled by all kind of influences and not by only one genre of music or art form. As they say:
“What best describes our sound is the fact that we recognize in ourselves the ability to reach out what each song needs,and let them always show us the way. This approach give us the chance to explore an infinite amount of possibilities driven by the song´s potential, and with patience and perseverance, it grows byitself and lead us to a different sight every time. We just have to come ashore and breathet he new air that is waiting for us.”Inwater can’t be categorized in a particular form or content of music, and they don’t want to.

They can be sweet as a little boat on the sea as frightful and dreadful as Godzilla emerging from the deep ocean. One thing is sure, you won’t be indifferent. Besides the band, Miguel Moreira e Rui Duarte are also music producers. They have been working as a team for a long time, exploring new music paths and sound combinations. They are as imaginative as precise and with these two guys there is always something going on.


Featured   Sunday  Selection  9  February 2020