• The Senton Bombs

    The Senton Bombs are a unique rock band from Blackpool, England. Combining a myriad of influences, from Classic rock to punk, metal and country, the band’s hybrid style has set them apart from their contemporaries. Renowned for explosive live performances and extensive touring, they have developed a loyal cult following https://sentonbombs.com/2020-singles-epk http://facebook.com/thesentonbombs http://www.twitter.com/thesentonbombs Featured   Indie  […]

  • Shihori

    Shihori is an artist who has truly turned what others saw as her flaws into gifts. Having been born with deafness in her left ear, Asperger’s syndrome and a form of dwarfism, many might have said the odds were stacked against her. But Shihori says this particular combination of differences helped her in creating her […]

  • Little Warrior

    Little Warrior is a singer, songwriter, & producer born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and currently residing in Los Angeles. Her lush, angelic vocals meet deep, electronic beats for a rich trip-hop + chill-wave vibe. Little Warrior’s eclectic style draws influence from early 2000s trip-hop artists and chill R&B vibes while adding her own fresh, […]

  • Latenight Honeymoon,

    Latenight Honeymoon, a hotly-tipped Indie trio from London, are releasing their new single Afterglow on the 7th of August 2020. The song, which opens their forthcoming EP Codependency: B.S.T, was written, recorded and self-produced by the band in a home-built studio throughout lockdown.   https://www.facebook.com/LatenightHoneymoon https://twitter.com/LN_HM_  Featured Indie  City  16th  September  

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