Danny is recognized worldwide for his melodic, powerful & emotional vocals, and is widely acknowledged as one of the best voices in the business. On the rock scene, he is known for his involvement with British hard rockers Waysted (1985-1987) and is — justifiably — famous for his flourishing voice-work with melodic rockers Tyketto. Danny […]

  • The Sundogs

    The Sundogs, as they are now called, grew up listening to everything from Miles Davis to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin to Bob Marley, Tom Petty to Steely Dan, Leonard Cohen to Aaron Copland, Randy Newman to Jackson Browne, Peter Gabriel to the Rolling Stones, John Coltrane to the Beatles, Bob Dylan to the Who. Stan […]

  • The Battle of winter

    Never prolific (the band’s first demos circulated as far back as 2005), and compounded by a series of personal setbacks, The Battles Of Winter previous two albums 2014’s- ‘Standing At The Floodgates’ and the aforementioned ‘At Once With Tattered Sails’ prioritized craft and methodology over hurried musical output. There is a marked self-assuredness in both […]

  • Bad Love

    Bad Love make Sad-Boy Pop. They combine the cinematic allure of new-romantic icons with heartfelt and anthemic pop-hooks. Frontman, songwriter and producer Andy Gannon says that Bad Love is about wearing your heart on your sleeve, and making art with sincerity in a digital age where it is scarce. Supported by Sam Fieldhouse, Tommy O’Neill, […]

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