Anthony James

At the heart of every Anthony James song is a beat you can’t ignore, beckoning your hips to get up and dance. The Australian-born Londoner espouses irresistible rhythms to catchy, bittersweet hooks and driving guitar lines. The end result is pop music with a gritty edge… the perfect array of loveable melodies with a tinge of heightened emotion.

“My new single is about the idea of having a holiday from myself. The song also ties into what is happening globally right now with self-isolation. In the chorus, the line ‘You find another way to betray my heart’ refers to the mind being unpredictable and destructive, whereas the line ‘I’ll always be okay cause I’m brave enough’ refers to the inner strength created from this mental struggle. It’s almost a satire of the mind’s workings.”


Featured  Indie City  5th  August  2020