Head Fake

Using retro synths and modern tools, Head Fake’s trio of semi-anonymous (music before beauty) veteran artists/producers are bringing the unique sounds and energy of transformational 80’s music to the ears of both a new generation and their nostalgic parents. Recorded in studios in London, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Miami, Head Fake seamlessly blends the cross-pond and cross-continental radio influences of their youth into a “could have been hits back then” collection of new music.

Producer Ivan brings the band sound together with the experience of over 50 albums and singles from some of the industry’s biggest names during his 30-year Miami-based career. London-based vocalist/composer/bassist James developed his vocal chops in his church choir before embracing a successful DJ career, grinding out beats in Soho while keeping his fingers busy on bass in a celebrated local cover band. Canadian-born, New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Michael counts writing and performance credits on numerous indie tracks and film soundtracks, and is well-established in artist development.

Band Members
X, Y, Z
Featured  Sunday  Selection  31st  May  2020