HEGstraction grew up in the 80s and 90s heavily influenced by the emergent electronic music in video games. This led to a natural inclination towards House, Techno and Trance music. After many years of listening to these genres and sub-genres through CDs, downloads, streaming and dancing in clubs, HEGstraction realised the sounds and beats were not always what he imagined and desired. Therefore, the obvious way forward seemed to be to take the step, and make the music directly.

Minimal Techno tracks with elements of skeletalism and massification. Tunes designed to be played up loud, with sounds and beats you can run your teeth along and bite! Repetition to lure you into rhythmic sensations, yet varied tunefulness at specific points to stimulate and energize. Follow HEGstraction@hegstraction on Instagram for new material, updates, and promotions. The minimal techno album, ‘Movement’, is HEGstraction’s first album in the eventual planned trio of ‘Space, Movement, and Light’, which will feature other electronic music (sub)genres.



Featured  Midweek  Madness   22nd  January  2020