Mill’s End

How does a band survive and thrive for over ten years? The guys in Mill’s End may not give you a set formula but they do know a big part of it is by creating the type of music you are passionate about no matter what the current trend is. Mill’s End is a “Rock and Roll” band, their songs cover many of their influences, the intensity of Pearl Jam, the groove of the Black Crowes and the intimate song style of Elliot Smith. These are just a few of the sources they draw from. Their intent is to make music that they believe in and deliver it to people with a dynamic, emotional live show. This “stick to your guns” attitude has created a lot of success in the Phoenix scene. Their music has been featured in television, album compilations and radio from Arizona to Europe. They have had the great privilege of opening for national artists like Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, Cowboy Mouth, and former Kiss guitarist, Ace Frehly .

“We know this is very real for a lot of people” says Lead Singer/Guitarist Jeff Bump. “It’s important that we highlight these types of issues and we felt that this style of music would help in getting a reaction. There shouldn’t be any shame in admitting you have depression or anxiety.”


Featured  Sunday  Selection  13th  September  2020