Saints and Sinners

Murder. Mayhem. Treason. Torture. Incest. Adultery – sounds like a good read?

Saints & Sinners in Dark Age England by Charles ChristianIf you think times are hard today, be grateful you were not alive in England during the Dark Ages when life for people at all levels of society was nasty, brutish, and short. Check out my new ebook “Saints and Sinners in Dark Age England” (available exclusively on Amazon Kindle) which contains tales of people – saints and sinners – whose lives wouldn’t be out of place in tabloid newspapers and on reality TV shows. As for the incidents they are involved in… well truth really is stranger than fiction, even fiction as engrossing as the recent Game of Thrones and Vikings series.

So climb on board as we set off to explore five of the more weird, obscure and WTF corners of English history. These are tales of murder, mayhem, treason, torture, incest and adultery in which we’ll encounter nine saints, eight English kings who met gruesome, bloody premature deaths, five scheming English queens who put the ‘sex’ into Wessex, and the mother of all wicked stepmothers.

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