Shihori is an artist who has truly turned what others saw as her flaws into gifts. Having been born with deafness in her left ear, Asperger’s syndrome and a form of dwarfism, many might have said the odds were stacked against her. But Shihori says this particular combination of differences helped her in creating her extraordinary music. It created what Shihori calls her “half-silent world” and both gave her a unique level of concentration and perfect pitch in her right, or “musical” ear.

She moved to NY in January 2018, started her performing and recording career in the U.S. She has held Solo Concerts in Manhattan 4 times, and released her first EP in the U.S. titled “Angel in the Garden” September 2018, released her 1st single “Let Me Go” August 2019 and 2nd single “Jungle – Cyber Mix” September 2019. SHIHORI released her first self-cover album in February 2020, including anime songs and hit songs.

Facebook: Shihori Nakane

Twitter: @shihoriNY (En) @shihori94 (JPN)


Featured  Sunday  Selection  20th  September  2020