Alice Triskel

Alice Triskel is a musical project created by Alice and Sergio Luengo, in which Alice is the image, voice and lyricist and Sergio is the composer and producer. They mix and fuse styles of pop music, electronic music, electro pop, EBM, synthwave, synth pop, synth rock … playing with styles as diverse as soul and even opera. Experimenting with new rhythms, synthesizers, strings, acids, and more.

All this complemented by Alice’s powerful voice, full of strength, power and vitality, to give each of their songs a unique, different and new touch in the current music scene.Alice Triskel is one of the new independent artists of the new synth pop, electropop, pop dance and dream pop among other styles, winners of two International Electronic Music awards of Clouzine Magazine.


Featured Sunday  Selection  27th  September  2020