Amber Norgaard

Amber Norgaard  : Described as “poet, peace-warrior, healer” (Tucson Lifestyle) and “Tucson’s folk-rock goddess” (Natural Awakenings), Amber Norgaard is known for her passionate vocal/piano/guitar delivery, eloquent lyrics and graceful melodies that inspire hope. Prior to launching her music career in 2004, Norgaard worked as a registered nurse in southwestern Alaska. For six years, she lived 400 miles off the road system and was immersed within the indigenous population. It was here that she learned to use music as a source of connection to transcend language and cultural barriers. This discovery was what led her to pursue her passion—using music as healing art to foster compassion, spirituality and promote positive social change. She has released seven full-length albums, an EP and multiple singles, toured nationally, opened for Judy Collins, Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, received accolades for her song writing, written songs for multiple non-profit organizations, film projects and commissions, and speaks at universities and organizations on “Music as a Healing Art and Instrument for Social Change.


 Featured  Sunday  Selection  27th  September   2020