Frank Palangi’s

Frank Palangi was born with the drive and rock flowing through his veins. He expands with teaching guitar lessons to continue the craft to the next generation in between recording, writing, tracking, mixing, and film work/acting. With all the creative outlets and keeping positive and passionate, Frank knew that great things would come if he was willing to work for it. He isn’t the stereotypical rocker with the rock n roll lifestyle you may expect. He’d rather concentrate on turning his dreams into reality.

Some describe Frank Palangi’s music as the next evolution of 80’s and 90’s rock/metal combined with post grunge. Frank fuels a refreshing positive outlook serving up a feeding frenzy of edgy heavy guitars and deep n gritty vocals. Raised in Upstate New York, Frank is a homegrown indie rock recording artist (singer, songwriter, guitarist). His beliefs and personality is one that doesn’t give up, however long it takes to his achieve goals. Frank’s diverse rounded style tips the hat on the past 30 year evolution of the 80s & 90s & post grunge heavy rock bands.


Featured  Indie  City   30th  September   2020