Anni Pohto

Anni Pohto’s fresh combination of the Nordic esthetics and love for the East Coast is rooted in her childhood in Finland and her life in New York and Boston. While working as a songwriter for other artists and struggling in the maze of the local music industry, Anni found herself both as a Berklee College of Music scholar and Master of Global Political Science to-be. Those experiences made it impossible for her to fit in the mold anymore.

“My voice, my piano, my beats.” The foundation of Anni Pohto’s music is built on layers of old school songwriting, 90s hip hop, and a dash of 21st-century pop music. Being titled as “the female Jack Garratt” and “the Nordic Alicia Keys”, her impeccable musical talent and breeze of good vibes make her a true Northern Star.




Featured  on Sunday  Selection   14th  March  2021