Arcade Fortress

We’d like to play a show on the international space station. Or Mars. Nothing too fancy. Wouldn’t be much of a crowd though. Or would there? In the mean time, we’ll content ourselves with playing to 8 customers, 7 other band members and their cello case, 2 bar staff, 1 scabby dog,  a sound guy, and half a jar of questionable pickled eggs. Our favourite haunts have no toilet paper, functional hand dryer, shame or general hygiene policy, and that’s the way we like it. Arcade Fortress are aware that this is a very specific rider, but if you know somewhere that fits the bill, put us on it.

Band  Members

Gavin is a keen snowboarder and enjoys cooking, dodgy midnight kebabs and crap horror movies. He’s also mildly obsessed with Star Wars and comic books.

Bill likes guns and shooting pretend pigeons. Scary. And shiny cars.

Richard likes shiny things in all their glory.

Danny can tell you everything you need to know about pianos, so, he plays drums.


Featured  on  Indie City  21st  October 2020