We are the band named Polygon. We are from Russia, from the center of Siberia. We play rock music with the lyrics in English. Our music has influence of different styles. That’s why our band is named Polygon. We called our own style New Line Rock due to the same reason. There are two main members in our line-up. Den is a singer and composer. Vlad is a drummer and lyrics’ author. We have composed and played together for a long time already. Each of us also has big experience in music. Experience of the project’s leaders in music (since the basics in the youthful age) – more than 20 years. Commercial experience – 15 years.

We seriously think our mission is to continue the procession of good old melodic rock through the planet. We want to do nice rock music and to show our skills in it and to bring our ideas to the whole world. That’s why we compose our lyrics in English.




Featured  Sunday  Selection  26th   April    2020