Sapphire is a true Renaissance artist and her inspiration stems from a variety of “arts” through the years. She has learned how to incorporate her many skills which allowed her to use them to her advantage. Because of Sapphire’s singing versatility and her variety  of singing styles, she enjoys performing music such as, RnB, jazz, Rock, Gospel, Country, Blues, Reggae and Big Band music. Sapphire prefers marketing herself as Multi-Versatile Artist.

Sapphire completed her first musical project May 1, 2020 releasing her first album “Precious Gem” and has recently released her single “No Justice No Peace” July 31st 2020.

She believes that music makes people and that’s what she enjoys most of all.

Facebook artist page: Sapphire Faded Genes

Twitter: Sapphire @adrienn18678670




Featured   on The  Kay  Show   16th  December  2020