tale of two

Tale of Two, a song writing duo comprised of Alfie Jackson (ex Holloways frontman turned songwriter/producer) and multi-talented writer and performer Gemma Rogers.

Mixing dark folk with lyrics from the shadows, the music ebbs and flows through very murky waters. They released their debut single ‘Angels’ in Dec 18 which found its way onto the Rough Trade Counter Culture playlist.

This song is about how we strive through life believing the lies fed to us by the powers that be and how we rage against the tide that tries to hold us in our place

Demons lyrics:

swallow the lies of the lullabies

sweet melodies keep you blind

twinkling diamonds they look so high

as we look up from the gutter to the sky.


The song is about anger. Anger with the world and its lies and greed. “Rage against the dying of the light.” – Dylan Thomas



Instagram – @taleoftwoband


Featured  Indie  City   3rd  June  2020