Countless Thousands

How do you create a style-bending, storytelling celebration of Enthusiasm? Take a show choir reject who was never cool enough for punk rock, throw him a rockabilly axe and have him cash in on all the poetry classes. Take an east coast jazz legend and tell him to lay off the weirder chords and step up the distortion. Take a cosplay nerd and give him +2 Charisma and +5 Vocalwork. Mix well in sunny Glendale, CA, in a strange moment of American neurosis and you get theatricality without pretense, virtuosic musicianship somehow stuffed into catchy rock anthems, and acidic social and political commentary straight from the front lines of collective action.

They might play indie rock, or geek rock, or punk, or ‘Theatrepunk’ (probably their favorite label), or dirty rock & roll or some fuzzed-up gypsy-jazz-rock  but at the center of that genre hurricane is a technical understanding, a lyrical prowess and an enthusiasm that cannot be denied. These nerds love what they do and they relish the opportunity to celebrate the stuff they love every chance they get. Besides, why settle for songs about getting your heart broke when you can write a song about your drummer being shot into space to defeat Astro-Hitler?

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Twitter: @Countless1000s


Featured  on Sunday  Selection  14th  Feburary  2021