The Cole Patenaude Band

Cole Patenaude is a gifted blues artist based out of Vancouver, BC. His music is powerful, visceral and authentic. His impressive guitar playing varies from wailing to whispering. His voice sounds as if he swallowed an amp. Cole grew up in the small town of Horsefly, BC with a heavily musically gifted family and it is evident upon one second of listening to Cole’s music that he was born to play. Cole’s material is packed with emotion, depth and grit. Each song engulfs the listener into his fearlessly personal universe.

Cole is a husband, father of three and a full-time mechanic. Finding one’s musical voice amongst a busy life is no small feat. His work is inspired by guitar virtuosos Stevie Ray Vaughan and Derek Trucks, and the heartbreaking songster Tom Petty. Cole’s sound is timeless, yet forever young.



Featured  Sunday  Selection   18th  October  2020